Lease Renewal

Lease Renewal Campaigns

In today's market, it's important to stay in touch with your customers. Let us help you contact your lease customers whose contracts are coming due. We've executed many successful campaigns utilizing SMS (text), email, live agent appointment calls and ringless voicemail reminders.

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Included in the Package

Call-to-action link

Personalized URL (PURL) takes customer to premium landing page with variable new vehicle image and full event details to book event appointment, request direct callback and enter comments.

Phone Number Identification

Identifies which phone numbers in your data are mobile, ensuring optimal delivery.

Custom Message

Includes multiple points of personalization.

HTML Email

Full details of your campaign with the call-to-action link.

Text Message

Premium double length text with condensed details of campaign and the call to action link.

Local 10 Digit Number

Call forwards to your dealership (not a short code).

Live Chat

Inbound texting capabilities monitored by our team.

Live Agent Calls

Up to 3 calls made to book an appointment with each customer, based on staff’s schedule.

Ringless Voicemail Message

Final "don't miss out" messaged dropped into customers’ voicemail for any remaining non-engaged customers.

Tracking and Reporting

Detailed report including unsubscribes, bounces & customer comments.

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