"I thought we were doing a good job staying on top of our customers until we started working with Dealbase. They really are an extension of our sales department, and consistently drive appointments to our door resulting in sales." - Hyundai Dealer

How many unrealized deals are in your database? Let Dealbase do all the work - including the phone calls and follow up - and turn your data into deals!

What is DealBase?

Dealbase delivers the highest quality appointments in the industry directly to your showroom! Utilizing the best data mining tool available along with a strategic engagement strategy that eliminates cold calling results in increased sales! Dealbase only engages qualified customers who are in a position to upgrade.

Your dealership may be sitting on a wealth of opportunity, and you may not even know it.

Are you currently maximizing sales in all these areas?

Portfolio Management
Mid Lifecycle Renewals
Service Line
End of Contract Retention
Service Conquest
VIP Finder

...with Dealbase you can!

How It Works

Step 1: Identify

We only focus on qualified customers. Our platform will identify the current state of your customer database categorizing opportunities and displaying the dollar amount each category represents. New opportunities are identified daily, utilizing machine learning, financial calculations, and OEM incentives. We continually work with you to create highly targeted campaigns to qualified customers

Step 2: Engage

Before we begin to contact your customers, we give them the opportunity to engage with us first! A personalized offer on a new vehicle purchase is created and sent to each customer in the current campaign prior to any phone calls being made or all customers in an upgrade position, along with maturity customers receive a monthly renewal offer. The offer is interactive and allows the customer to select different models with new calculations made for them on the fly.

Step 3: Deliver

Our process results in customers being delivered as an in-dealership appointment. We deliver the highest quality opportunities in the industry. Each customer who comes to your dealership is there because they have seen and engaged with a personalized new vehicle offer prior to their appointment.

Working together for ongoing success is easier than you can imagine with our performance-based pricing!

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