Why Your Dealership Should Blog

Why Your Dealership Should Blog

The automotive shopping experience has changed dramatically over the last decade. Fewer dealership visits are being made as more information is readily available online. According to CNBC, “the average buyer visits just 1.6 auto dealerships while car shopping, down from 10 years ago when buyers visited an average of 5 dealerships.” In addition, 9 out of 10 car buyers shop online before setting foot into a showroom. This has shifted businesses to implement online marketing as opposed to traditional marketing. How do you perfect a digital marketing strategy? The answer is content. Many marketing managers avoid or disregard the importance of blogging. Here is why your dealership should blog:

  1. It drives traffic to your website – blogs are posted and read on your website. The more you post, the more people visit.

  2. It creates thought leadership – knowledge is power. It also helps build loyalty and trust with your customer base. Blogging is a simple and easy way to share your knowledge.

  3. It’s cost effective – blogging is 100% free. You can post as many blogs as you went, whenever you want.

  4. It allows you to share timely and relevant information – blogging gives you the power to post about whatever you want. The more timely and relevant the information, the better. Share information that will be useful to your customer base or fans - it doesn't always have to be automotive related content.

  5. It gives your brand a voice – blogs allow you to write about your opinion. Combine this with your writing style and your brand has created a voice and reputation.

  6. It helps build relationships and sales – blogging allows for a two-way conversation with your readers. They can comment, share and provide feedback on what you write about. Your job is to recognize this and reciprocate. Remember, if people trust you, they will do business with you.


Written by: Meghan

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