Why Video Will Help You Sell More Cars

Why Video Will Help You Sell More Cars

Is your dealership looking for a new, innovative, and personalized way to sell more cars and parts profitably? We have the solution! Video allows you to create personal and timely presentations while modernizing the way you engage with your customers. With technology and the Internet shaping the way consumers shop, being a top-of-mind brand or business has become a must. CitNOW is a personalized automotive video system that is brand new to Canada. The system allows your dealership to build trust, transparency, and increase profit. How does it work? Here are 10 reasons why personalized automotive video will help your dealership sell more cars:

1. It's personalized

It gives not only the salesperson, but the dealership a personality. Trust us, that goes a long way when trying to be a top-of-mind brand or business.

2. It's completely customizable 

Videos are sent to one individual customer - that means you can include their name, their personal information, their car, their license plate, etc. The options are endless.

3. It creates connection

Put a face to a name. That way your customer recognizes you the second they walk into your dealership. 

4. It creates a call-to-action

Vehicle inquires and recommended service repair videos trigger your customer to the take the next step. Creating a memorable experience through video (that can be watch multiple times) helps accomplish your call-to-action.

5. It builds trust and transparency

Have you ever noticed that your customers are hesitant to get service repairs suggested by technicians? Or that women are constantly coming to the dealership with men because they know next to nothing about cars and don't want to be taken advantage of? Video, particularly CitNOW, visually shows your customer why their car needs service. It also doesn't pressure the customer to make a decision right then and there - they can watch it and decide in the comfort of their own home.

6. It makes the buying process more human

With technology and the Internet changing the way consumers shop, the process has become far from personal. But still, people purchase vehicles from people because of the relationships created and maintained. CitNOW enables your dealership to make sales in a technologically advanced way, while still having a human interaction that is personalized. 

7. It gives the customer something to take away

The entire CitNOW experience allows customers to watch their video via email and text whenever and wherever, as many times as they would like.

8. It's innovative

It's the technology that integrates the traditional and current way of consumer shopping. 

9. It sets you apart from other dealerships

It's brand new to Canada! Be one of the first to implement the system and WOW your customers.

10. It's a great form of advertising

CitNOW allows you to go above and beyond your customers expectations. Many times they will be so impressed that they will show the video to their friends and family. As a bonus, all videos have a dealer branded landing page! 

For more information visit our CitNOW page or email Amanda (amanda@autoloyalty.ca), our CitNOW expert!

Be the leader of the pack and implement video and CitNOW in your dealership today.



Written by Meghan and Amanda.

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