Who Is Autoloyalty?

Who Is Autoloyalty?

For those of you who don't know us, we would like to introduce ourselves. For those of you who do, well...new and exciting changes have been implemented and we want to play catch up with you! For starters, we are an automotive loyalty marketing company that bridges the gap between you and your sales and service customers. We create unique opportunities to stay connected and be top-of-mind to your customer base. From short-term, time-sensitive campaigns that give your dealership an impactful boost, to long-term loyalty and credibility-building programs, we improve customer retention, drive traffic, and increase sales to your dealership!

How you ask? Simple! We offer 3 core services that all work to the same end: an Auto Sales Event specializing in staffed private sales, a CitNOW video program for the showroom and service departments, and a digital loyalty marketing program using The Upgrade Sale. Let me break them down for you:

Auto Sales Events: Auto Sales Events have been the backbone of our company since 2006. Investing in our staffed sales events is an opportunity to increase your sales volume dramatically - often the equivalent of a week's worth of sales in one day - while providing an intimate and exclusive event for your loyal customers, as well as those you haven't seen in a while. Auto Sales Events are a one-day private sale that are targeted towards your existing sales and service customer base. They are marketed by using a high-impact direct mail invitation - personalized by customer name with a new vehicle image based on their current vehicle. For questions or more information on our Auto Sales Events, ask us now!
**NEW! Our Auto Sales Events now have new display materials for an updated look and additional styles for our direct mail invitations.

CitNOW: Brand new to Autoloyalty, CitNOW is a personalized automotive video program that equips dealerships with visual proof to your customer in the most engaging format: video. With video proof of a technician or salesperson's recommendations, customers are able to make immediate purchase decisions whether they be from the sales or service department. This is done through 2 of CitNOW's most popular applications: CitNOW Workshop and CitNOW Sales. CitNOW Workshop is geared towards the service department and helps to build transparency and trust, increase conversion, and improve customer satisfaction scores. CitNOW Sales is a showroom application that helps sell more vehicles for more profit through your own personal video presentation service. Increased sales and CSI are only a few benefits of CitNOW! For questions or more information on this service, ask us now!
**NEW! CitNOW is a new video platform for both the service and sales department that is currently used by over 3,000 retailers in 38 countries worldwide. 

The Upgrade Sale: The Upgrade Sale is a proven Direct Mailer Campaign that provides an exclusive, online event for your customers. The ultimate result? Increased dealership traffic, the opportunity to increase your sales volume dramatically and a big-time return on your investment. Many auto dealerships spend tens of thousand of dollars every month trying to drive new customers into their showroom. The Upgrade Sale allows you to target your existing customer base as an ongoing source of repeat business. Since most dealerships do not have a system in place to measure the effectiveness of their advertising, they are unable to effectively track the return on investment for their marketing dollars. The Upgrade Sale allows you to do just that! The Upgrade Sale is powered by Shift Marketing. For questions or more information, ask us now!
**NEW! The Upgrade Sale now has SMS/Text and email blast capabilities in addition to lead call follow ups and appointment bookings by our local agents.

THERE'S MORE! Autoloyalty also offers direct mail, live calls, and automated call campaigns for Product Launches, Ride and Drive events, Aftersales Warranty offerings, and CASL consent campaigns.


Let us help you sell more cars! (or service parts and repairs). Contact us today and we would be happy to book you a demo or simply answer any questions you may have.  

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