The Upgrade Sale Testimonials

 The Upgrade Sale Testimonials:


"Again we had a very good sale; brought in a large amount of very good trades with the sale, which maybe some do not realize how important that is for the following month's sales."
— Ontario Ford-Lincoln Dealer


"This was our third upgrade sale this year. Every sale has accounted for at least a third of our sales in those Upgrade months. The Upgrade Sale is quick and effective. You just need to say yes, and they take care of the rest."
— Ontario Buick-GMC Dealer


"Great website and clean professional process!"
— Ontario BMW/MINI Dealer


"The event was well put together and our guys loved it and obviously so did the management team...we had great results and look forward to doing it again in the near future."
— Ontario Toyota Dealer


"Training was seamless once leads started to roll in. Highly recommend The Upgrade Sale!"
— Ontario Honda Dealer


"Professional team who understands our challenges in the car business."
— Ontario Nissan Dealer


"We have tried many other sales in the past but have not had one that created this much activity in a while. We look forward to working with you again soon."
— Ontario Chrysler Dealer


"We have already recommended this sale to a few other dealers! We are planning for next year."
— Ontario Volkswagen Dealer

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