The Upgrade Sale


The Upgrade Sale is a proven Direct Mailer Campaign that provides an exclusive, online event for your customers. The ultimate result? Increased dealership traffic, the opportunity to increase your sales volume dramatically and a big-time return on your investment.

Many auto dealerships spend tens of thousands of dollars every month trying to drive new customers into their showroom. The Upgrade Sale allows you to target your existing customer base as an ongoing source of repeat business. Since most dealerships do not have a system in place to measure the effectiveness of their advertising, they are unable to effectively track the return on investment for their marketing dollars.

This is where The Upgrade Sale comes in! The following features are included in your Upgrade Sale package: full data clean optimized with our proven process, 8.5 X 11 mailer on premium quality material and size, full colour printing, premium landing page with event countdown timer, 14 day Upgrade software access, 2 weeks of our Lead Generation Machine, full reporting and analytics through our Executive Dashboard, a custom campaign video, and 6 weeks access to the Upgrade Sale Micro CRM.

Why Invest in The Upgrade Sale?

Loyalty marketing is about timing and a perfectly-placed offer. It’s part science, part art and very few firms do it correctly. Ultimately, our attention to detail, level of creativity, experience and industry knowledge are unparalleled. The Upgrade Sale, our flagship cross media product, is the one that started it all. It's simple: The Upgrade Sale benefits everyone by impressing your customers, boosting your sales team, and benefiting your dealership!

The Customer Journey

Below you will see snapshots of the customer's journey for The Upgrade Sale. It's easy: once your valued customer receives their 8.5 X 11 premium quality letter in the mail, they go online to the event landing page and enter their unique promo code and personal information (which is pre-filled 70% of the time). Once these steps are complete, they will be directed to their loyalty voucher. And just like that, a lead is generated!

Branded Campaigns

The Upgrade Sale also offers branded campaigns such as Lincoln's Community Countdown, Nissan's Launch Event, Ford's Employee Pricing, Honda's Checkered Flag Event, Toyota's Red Tag Days, and Desk of the Dealer. Let's talk about working together on a campaign! Ask now.

Don't Believe Us?

No problem! Check out what others are saying about us on our testimonials page. The Upgrade Sale has sold over 42,000 vehicles through more than 1,800 campaigns!

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