The Art of Sales – Part 1 of 4

The Art of Sales - Part 1 of 4

The Art of Sales - Part 1 of 4

The Art of Sales conference in December was incredible. Six speakers took the stage at the Toronto Metro Convention Center and all blew me away. This was my first time at The Art Of conference, and I was fully impressed. The event easily delivered on its objective to inspire and teach sales professionals by presenting successful bestselling authors and their new sales insights.  I have taken the four speakers whose presentations inspired me the most and broken down my notes specifically for automotive sales professionals. What was so great about these speakers is that they each opened my eyes to a different way of looking at the sales process. Jeffrey Gitomer spoke about the new rules of selling and the importance of building relationships. Ron Tite focused on being different and creative in the sales journey. Charles Duhigg explored how to train your mind to think differently and more deeply and be more aware. Lastly, Jay Baer shared insights into the world of customer service and customer satisfaction and how it directly circles back to sales.

I've separated each speakers' notes into four different blog posts. I hope that you can take something useful from each speaker and utilize it in your own sales process. I urge you to do your own research on these authors and absorb as much as you can from their books. I hope that each of these individuals inspire you to look a little deeper into your personal journeys.

Jeffrey Gitomer - The funny guy.

Those of you that know me, know that I'm a huge Gitomer fan. He's the reason I originally heard of the conference and why I wanted to attend. His popular book; Little Red Book of Selling, has been my go-to book for a long time. I was absolutely thrilled to see him speak in person and he did not disappoint.

 Your brochure is BS! 
As a sales professional who has been talking about sales for years, he put a lot of attention on "keeping up with the changes." That means keeping up with the trends which today means keeping up with social media. He talked about "social selling" and how that is the future. "Are you still printing brochures? Shred it!" The world is changing, "my world is changing" so I need to change my selling techniques and process as well. Don't be afraid to change. Change is an opportunity. 

Relationship vs Price.
The reality of sales is that we are confronted with challenges all the time. Challenges such as price objections, competition, value, and trust. The reality of these challenges is that they can all be overcome by your relationship with the client. You lost the sale to price, because the client had a better relationship with the other company. We all know that to be 100% true. We've all closed a deal with a customer knowing fully that they may have had "a better deal" somewhere else. They bought from you, because they liked you and that you provided more value. If you build strong relationships with value, you are more likely to close the deal.  

the quality of relationships is in direct proportion to your sales profitability

it't the relationship, not the price

Think YES!
Study attitude. Your attitude is the first step to a positive outcome. Be The Little Salesman that could; "I think I can, I think I can, I think I can." A Yes attitude is different than a positive attitude. A Yes attitude is stated as an action with a positive result.

You must believe it first. Belief has 5 parts;

  1. Believe that you are the greatest person in the world
  2. Believe that you work for the greatest company in the world
  3. Believe that you offer the greatest product/service in the world
  4. Believe that you are completely different from your competitors
  5. Believe that your customer is better having purchased from you

Don't just think it, truly and deeply believe it in your heart and soul.

Few rules to keep in mind;

  • "People don't like to be sold, but they love to buy." If you think trust is more important than like, than think again...

 Notel: Liking is the single most powerful element in a sales relationship. Can you imagine the CEO of the company, when making a buying decision, saying, "I trusted that guy, but I sure didn't like him." Like leads to trust. Trust leads to buying. Buying leads to relationship. That's not the life cycle, that's the life cycle of sales. - Direct from The Little Red Book of Selling.

  • Find their reasons to buy. Ask questions. Questions are the heart of the sale. "Why are they buying?"
  • Loyalty not Satisfaction. Loyalty is earned, satisfaction is begged for. Build a relationship, because loyal customers are the ones that will refer others to you.
  • Word of “mouse." Become a person of value. Google yourself. "Your customer wants to do business with a somebody not a nobody" (my favorite line from his talk). Have an online presence.

the minimums. 1,000 Facebook likes. 500 Twitter followers. 501 LinkedIn connections. 25 YouTube videos. Blog - daily post. Ezine - weekly.


  • Proof. Testimonials! When you say it yourself, its bragging, when someone else says it, it's GOLD. Written testimonies, video testimonies... get creative (I recently changed my voicemail greeting to reflect this rule. I used a message from a dealer praising the Upgrade Sale we had just completed. I had his permission of course).

In closing; Love what you do!

  • Earn the sale - love the process and the journey along the way.
  • A sale is made emotionally, so speak form the heart. Passion always wins, logic does not.
  • Ask yourself; "Who do I need to become?" Post your goals on post-it notes so that you can see them daily.
  • Be kind. It makes you feel good. It makes people smile, and that feels good.
  • Dare to be yourself. Set your own standards. Commit to being the best you can possibly be.

sales bible jeffrey gitomer

Want to get inspired my Jeffrey Gitomer? Check out his website and pick up any of his books to get you motivated. For daily dose of Gitomer, I personally follow him on Twitter, and YouTube.


Written by Aniseh Sharifi


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