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"We recommend Auto Sales Events because of the hype it creates. It brings increased revenue and gross, and it's fun and exciting to be there, and see the amount of vehicles being sold. We really enjoy our relationship with Autoloyalty, and how they extend and enhance our relationship with our customers."
— Ontario Ford Dealer
"Gentlemen, this is the first time I've received an update like this. I did get the text message too with the link to the video. Honestly, I spent all day yesterday just showing my coworkers what kind of service I get from my dealer. I can tell you that everyone was impressed. Great job guys! That's why I don't mind driving all the way to Ajax from Richmond Hill for service. Thanks so much!"
— CitNOW Customer
"This was our third upgrade sale this year. Every sale has accounted for at least a third of our sales in those Upgrade months. The Upgrade Sale is quick and effective. You just need to say yes, and they take care of the rest."
— Ontario Buick-GMC Dealer

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