Snail Mail Wins the Race

Snail Mail Wins the Race

A few times during dealership visits, the topic of direct mail has been brought up. The other day, a Sales Manager said something along the lines of; “Since everything is going mobile and technology is advancing, shouldn’t you just be reaching customers electronically?”

The answer is simple NO WAY JOSE!

Direct mail has never been as effective as it is today and here’s why;

Consider this:

  • Through all the personal, work, and junk emails that you receive, how many do you actually open, read and keep?
  • Through all the adds that you see online and on social media, how many do you actually pay attention to and respond to?
  • I’m not even going to ask about TV commercials because I don’t know if people even watch cable TV anymore or if like myself, people just watch everything online (Netflix etc.).

Regardless, these streams of advertising are getting stale because they are not personalized. Unless of course you’re McDonald's, Nike or Pepsi and you’ve spent millions on a campaign, featuring famous people and blasting a gazillion impressions daily.

Direct mail on the other hand is highly effective because it’s personalized. Like the name implies, it’s delivered directly to your customer’s home address, where they can touch it, bring it into their home, open it and stimulate a feeling while reading it.

...Oh, you don’t think people actually check their mail? Well think again dude...

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With online shopping as a huge source of entertainment, convenience and accessibility to world wide merchandise and goods, EVERYONE is online shopping – and therefore checking their mail.

As a Millennial, I check my mail religiously everyday. (Amazon delivers next day!!)

Yes, I trash any flyer-like piece immediately (unless it Starbucks coupons) BUT if anything has my name on it, or is in an invite-like envelope or is hand written, I will most definitely will bring inside the house with me.

Side Note: I actually personally LOVE getting mail. I think it’ so personal that someone put in the thought and time to hand write a card or letter just for me AND then go to the post office to mail it. That’s so rare and so special. I just love the entire process!

Anyway – back to my point – Direct mail is not going anywhere!

One of our most popular and effective campaigns is Desk of the Dealer. It’s high response rate is mainly do to the fact that it’s a hand written letter/memo from the Pre-Owned Sales Manager. The envelope is personalized with a special “hand written” font. It’s a must see! (hit me up for a quick demo –

Pay attention going forward how often you, your significant other or your kids check the mail. Keep in mind how a direct mailer can affect your customers and in turn your dealership AND SALES!

Written by Aniseh Sharifi

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