Your best customer is the one you already have!


Why Autoloyalty?

30 years in the business buys you little if you don’t parlay those experiences into massive value to your clients. If you are looking to ramp up your retention and/or loyalty marketing, you are in the right place. CSI scores are becoming an unreliable metric to determine future success in our business. That fact is, just because someone is “satisfied” doesn’t mean they’ll come back. So who cares about satisfaction? It’s quickly becoming ALL about retention and client loyalty. We offer several ways to stay top of mind and keep your clients happy to keep coming back. Using our services in conjunction is really where the magic happens though, So read on and see how the big boys have been doing it for years.

The Future of Marketing is Now!

Loyalty marketing is certainly not reserved for auto dealers. In fact, it has become one of the most heavily studied marketing initiatives in the last 5 years. Several top business minds have written research papers and books on the the topic, and even Harvard Business School is in on the act. Although many experts have many thoughts, the one constant in all the literature is this: Loyalty marketing IS the future of business and if you’re not doing it now, you’ll be playing catch up to your competitors in a few years.

Autoloyalty Services

If you are looking to improve your customer retention and loyalty marketing, you are at the right place. Work with a team who understands the automotive industry.

Staffed Sales Events

Auto Sales Events have been the backbone of our company since 2006. An exciting, traffic-driving event that boosts your staff’s morale by selling your weekly volume of vehicles in only one day! The majority of our client base consists of repeat and referral business once a dealer has experienced the ROI of a Private Sale.

Personalized Automotive Video

CitNOW equips dealerships with visual proof to your customer in the most engaging format: video. With video proof of a technician's recommendations, customers are able to make immediate service repair decisions. CitNOW is also a highly effective tool in the sales department. Increased sales and CSI are only a few benefits of this service!

Cross Media Marketing

Loyalty marketing is about the right timing, as well as an enticing offer. Ultimately, our creativity and attention to detail are unparalleled. Cross media programs such as The Upgrade Sale have proven to be very effective in capturing your customer's attention. We have now added new variations to offer you even more choices!

"Satisfaction is no longer the acceptable standard of customer service. Satisfaction is no longer the acceptable measurement of customer service success. The standard and measure of success for the next millennium is loyal customers.”
Jeffrey Gitomer

Gitomer is just one of a handful of Best Selling business authors that are talking about loyalty marketing. It's just starting, but business' that are concentrating on it are really getting a leg up and starting to dominate.