How To WOW Customers and Sell More Cars

How To WOW Customers and Sell More Cars

Working in a dealership, it's easy to forget what the car buying experience can be like from the customers’ point of view. As a staff member who goes in the same familiar building everyday, who sees the same familiar faces and sits at the same familiar desk everyday, it’s easy to overlook what the customer sees and feels when they walk in through the door.

Consider this…

Car buying has a certain reputation and stigma that is still very real and real today. There are thousands of negative stories that go along with this experience. Whether it’s a first hand experience at another dealership with another salesperson, or if it’s a story from a friend or family member, these create a feeling of fear, anger, and frustration no matter the sex or age of your customer. A list of surveys online tell us that if given the choice, most people “would consider making their entire car-buying process online, including financing, price negotiation, back office paperwork and home delivery.” Another survey tells us that people “hate car shopping so much, they’d rather give up sex and do taxes.HA!

Now picture this…

You’ve decided to start shopping for a new car. Even though this should be a fun and exciting experience, you’re stressed as f*&#k! It’s time for battle!

You’re at the front line with your shield up and your army of 3,984 stories, advice and recommendations behind you. You’re going in...Argh!

You pull into a parking lot surrounded by a ton of unfamiliar vehicles. Then you’re walking up to a new building where you don’t know your way around or anyone inside. Now imagine walking in and being faced with either two of these scenarios:

  • Absolutely no one in sight! Just cars upon cars upon cars and a cold showroom… You spot the receptionists’ head pop up from behind a hidden desk. She’s obviously on the phone and barely looks up to acknowledge you. Awesome!
  • Three guys standing around by the door waiting for you to walk in. One shoots out his arm to offer you his hand and quickly rushes you over to his desk. (Clearly you were being watched pulling in the parking lot and walking into the dealership...not creepy at all!)

I don’t know about you, but neither of these scenarios are welcoming or pleasant.

The customer is already expecting that some salesperson is going to shove some payments and prices down their throat. They’ve already been warned by their co-worker, their uncle, their neighbour, the internet and their dog; “Whatever you do, don’t buy the car unless 1., 2., 3….”

You might think; “Well I smiled and said hello, and then I walked them to my desk...What’s wrong with that?”

Ya! You did, but you did it as routinely, unenthusiastically, and unnaturally as humanely possible. PEOPLE PICK UP ON THAT!

First impressions matter and it’s the first piece to the entire shopping experience. It’s what determines if the shopping experience is even going to happen in the first place.

Try to remember all the different guards and shields the customer is bringing with them into the dealership. Try to be the unicorn in the herd – BE DIFFERENT, WOW your customer!

The WOW factor is what we aim for with all of our lead generating campaigns. We use 1 to 1 marketing to reach your database in a personalized and inviting way. By using different platforms of cross media marketing we ensure the customer feels special, expected and welcomed into the dealership.

Here’s a few tips on how we can work together to make this happen:

  1. Personalized letter or invitation – Directly mailed to home address (check out Snail Mail Wins the Race for more on direct mail) – The Upgrade Sale style letter is proven to work time and time again.
  2. Custom online Landing Page – Personalized URL, directing customer to landing page with their name, vehicle and dealership info.
  3. Personalized voucher, emailed and printable – Unique way to emphasise the customers name next to a picture of their next vehicle and the manufacture logo.
  4. Live Phone call – To thank your customer for going online, but also to book an appointment for them to go in and test drive the vehicle.
  5. Have the new vehicle parked out front – and have a sign beside it “Reserved for Ashley” – With the Upgrade CRM you can track all the leads that go online and see what vehicle they are interested in purchasing – or the new model of their current vehicle.
  6. A board or sign welcoming your customer when they walk in the dealership. In addition to being greeted by name by the receptionist, how special would you feel if you walked into an unfamiliar building and saw on a white board “Welcome Scott! We’ve been expecting you”.

We provide you with the tools to help your customers feel invited and allow them to let their guard down before they even walk in the dealership. Once there, its up to you as the dealer and sales rep to ensure they keep their guard down and feel like they are dancing with you at a party, instead of fighting with you on the battle field. Book your demo now and we’ll show you how our variety of profitable campaigns can fit into your store and help you sell more cars!

Written by Aniseh Sharifi

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