CitNOW is a provider of automotive video services. We make it really easy for our clients to use video effectively. Video, used properly in any retailer creates transparency. Transparency leads to trust. The customer’s trust ensures that sales and profits increase in all aspects of that business.


Customer behaviour has changed. Much of the information required to make a buying decision is available online. That has dramatically effected showroom traffic and how customers prefer to interact. In aftersales, it’s a similar picture. The window of opportunity to up sell is a small one. Customers are busy and rely heavily on the internet and other technology to get ‘stuff’ done. That is no different when it comes to their car.


Part of what we share when we meet any new retailer is the role of video within that customer journey or life cycle. There are many opportunities to make a difference, improve the current experience and add genuine value with a CitNOW video application.

Product Overview

CitNOW comprises a range of simple to use video applications. Success is measured through our online dashboards and custom reporting. We enrich the experience with useful third party integrations. Our support is world class with dedicated trainers in the field and an attentive, in-house support team.


Established in the UK, CitNOW is a global market leader used in over 38 working countries. There are 35,000 videos made per day, totaling to 7,516,666.67 minutes, 5,220 days, and 14.3 years of video produced. CitNOW now has 5 applications, 22 languages, and 116 servers. To get started with CitNOW at your dealership in Canada, contact us now by emailing or calling (905) 331-8700.




CitNOW Products

CitNOW Workshop:

CitNOW Workshop AppBuild transparency and trust, increase conversion and improve customer satisfaction scores. In a high volume workshop environment, every minute counts. This is why CitNOW is simple to use. Technicians are trained to make 1 minute customer videos which help explain any work required. Customers struggle to resist. Technicians are only reporting the facts; they’re not selling anything apart from good service. This also empowers Service Advisors who become more successful as a result. Technicians start by recording a helpful explanation. When finished, press ‘send’. The customer receives a brand approved email plus a text message. These link to the technician’s video on a web page presentation. All the right information in the right place at the right time making it easy for your customer to say yes. Watch a quick demo below:

CitNOW Sales:

Sell more vehicles for more profit with your own personal video presentation service. The process of selling cars has been established for many years. But the Internet and search has changed customer behaviour. This has effected the sales process for every modern retailer. Personal, timely video presentations help to re-create customer engagement. CitNOW is easy for your sales team to use. Start by recording your personal video on the CitNOW app. When finished, press ‘send’. A brand approved email is sent with a link to a well designed web page where your customer can watch their video. When the video is watched, your sales person receives a notification to call the customer. Managers can also access dashboard reporting to see the performance of one sales person or a whole group. Watch a quick demo below:

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