CitNOW Testimonials



CitNOW Testimonials:



"Gentlemen, this is the first time I've received an update like this. I did get the text message too with the link to the video. Honestly, I spent all day yesterday just showing my coworkers what kind of service I get from my dealer. I can tell you that everyone was impressed. Great job guys! That's why I don't mind driving all the way to Ajax from Richmond Hill for service. Thanks so much!"
— CitNOW Customer


"Customer called in to express how much he loved the video he received; so much that he had me on the phone for 10 minutes talking about it."
— BMW Service Advisor


"This is fantastic service. We have driven Volvos for the past 20 year and have never experienced this level of service."
— CitNOW Customer


"I just wanted to share some positive news with you. All year long we have been consistently struggling with the 'Explanation of Work and Charges' section of the Customer Survey. Since we implemented the video program in the middle of July, we went from red in June, up to yellow for July, and are now sitting in the green at 99% for August. Thank you for your efforts and making this initiative a success. Truly outstanding!"
— Dealer Group Manager

— Downtown Mini
General Manager
Tom Quinn

— Downtown Mini
Service Manager
Mario Alpopii

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