Auto Sales Events Testimonials

Auto Sales Events Testimonials:



“With Autoloyalty’s Auto Sales Events, you can customize your event based on the strength of your offer, and tailor it to those within your customer base with whom it powerfully resonates. So it’s not just one of those deals, where you come in for a meeting and get a free trip; this is the other way around, where the customer have more of a vested interest, and ultimately, a higher success rate.”

— Ontario Honda Dealer

“We recommend Auto Sales Events because of the hype it creates. It brings increased revenue and gross, and it’s fun and exciting to be there, and see the amount of vehicles being sold. We really enjoy our relationship with Autoloyalty, and how they extend and enhance our relationship with our customers.”
— Ontario Ford Dealer
“We have run three private sales with Autoloyalty and I have been very pleased with the results. Each sale has been more successful than the last, and we sold 30 vehicles during our most recent one-day event. The set-up and execution has been phenomenal and our salespeople get excited when they know we have scheduled an event. Autoloyalty consultants mesh with our team and are an integral part of our success. We definitely plan to run future sales with the team. I would not hesitate to recommend Autoloyalty for your next private sale.”
— Ontario Ford-Lincoln Dealer
“There are so many companies trying to do dealership marketing, but they have no experience. With Autoloyalty, their process and how they execute an Auto Sales Event is what sets them apart from the competition.
— Ontario Chrylser Delaer
“Our best Auto Sales Event was during the economic downturn, even better than the previous two years we’ve done them, which proves they work and provide results. Besides, who better to sell to than a customer you already know, and who already knows your product? Autoloyalty has always provided the expected results and have always come through on what they’ve promised.
— Ontario Toyota Dealer
“I would recommend Autoloyalty because of the results – Autoloyalty team are absolute professionals and have the details down to an art. They maximize the opportunity for each guest that comes in through the door. At our Private Sale we sold 44 cars which set a dealership record for a one-day sale.
— Ontario Lexus Dealer
“I wanted to reach out and let you know how pleased we were with the recent sale you hosted for us. This included motivated and training the sales team, working with the sales management team and handling all the details to make it a success. I had great feedback from various team members on how impressed they were with the way the sale was executed. The proof is in the results; we had the best Retail Sales week for our dealership in 7 years.
— Ontario Buick GMC Dealer

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