What is Autoloyalty all about?

We have provided automotive loyalty marketing training and consulting to Canadian automotive dealers for over 30 years. Our clients benefit from processes that will assist their dealerships in selling more vehicles by marketing to their existing customer base.

Training and Consulting for Canadian Automotive Dealers

We are actually a combination of 3 forces that all work to the same end: an Auto Sales Event specializing in staffed private sales, a CitNOW video program for the showroom and service departments, and a digital loyalty marketing program using The Upgrade Sale.

Individually powerful, these components when brought together within a loyalty marketing system, will drive growth like nothing else available...period. We have many returning customers that got to know and trust us as a professional and solid partner.

Is Loyalty Marketing Right For You?

Would you like your customers to be truly loyal to you and not just satisfied?
Would you like to sell 20, 25, 30 or more vehicles in one day?
Would you like to increase your sales per repair order in your service department?

If the answer to any of these questions is YES, please contact us by emailing info@autoloyalty.ca or calling (905) 331-8700 to find out how we can help. The wonderful part of loyalty marketing versus other "traditional" approaches is this: loyalty marketing is the marketing gift that keeps on giving.

If you haven't sat down and figured out the lifetime value of a client at your own store, do yourself a favour and crunch the numbers. Once you see that figure, you won't feel passive about letting them migrate to your competition!

Our Services

If you are looking to improve your customer retention and loyalty marketing, you are at the right place. Work with a team who understands the automotive industry.

Staffed Sales Events

Auto Sales Events have been the backbone of our company since 2006. An exciting, traffic-driving event that boosts your staff’s morale by selling your weekly volume of vehicles in only one day! The majority of our client base consists of repeat and referral business once a dealer has experienced the ROI of a Private Sale.

Personalized Automotive Video

CitNOW equips dealerships with visual proof to your customer in the most engaging format: video. With video proof of a technician's recommendations, customers are able to make immediate service repair decisions. CitNOW is also a highly effective tool in the sales department. Increased sales and CSI are only a few benefits of this service!

Cross Media Marketing

Loyalty marketing is about the right timing, as well as an enticing offer. Ultimately, our creativity and attention to detail are unparalleled. Cross media programs such as The Upgrade Sale have proven to be very effective in capturing your customer's attention. We have now added new variations to offer you even more choices!

Meet the Team

We are passionate. We are committed. We are creative. With a wealth of 30 years' automotive experience, we make sense of your dealership's marketing needs. Rest assured, you are in the capable hands of automotive professionals. Click here to get to know us!


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